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1960 born in the Czech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou

1980 emigrated to Switzerland
1982 – 1988 Apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer and later as a pharmaceutical engineer

1985 sabbatical in USA

Married in 1986

1991 living in Rheinfelden

2009  first exhibition

2010  Owner of Atelier Rheinfelden - Raum zum Malen

2012 Main occupation as a freelance visual artist

2016  - 2022 Member of Frontofbicycle Art Agency, Basel

2017   Curator benefit exhibition "Untitled - Art exhibits", Rheinfelden

2022  Member of Singulart Onlinegallery

2023  Member SGBK (Swiss Society of Binding Artists)

Artistic education:

Basic painting training from 2005 to 2008 with Daniel Danihelka
Further training:

2010 Assensa School in Münchenstein with Charles Blockey

2012 at Alexander Jeanmaire 

2016 Free Art Academy Augsburg with Bogdan Pascu 

2017 European Art Academy Trier with Roland Satlow 

2019 Factory at the lake with Gerhard Almbauer  

2022, 2023 Lakeside factory at Bernard Lokai

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about my art

Art and painting have played a very important role in my life since I was a child. Unfortunately, communism destroyed my dream of studying art, but not my lifelong passion for painting.

I prefer to work with pigments, charcoal, pastels and ink.

Nature is my biggest source of inspiration - I try to find a balance between landscape and abstract painting. My pictures are not constructed, but are created by feeling and coincidence.

Destruction of the environment and exploitation of nature are two focal points that concern me in my artistic work.


My works have no titles. This gives the viewer the necessary freedom to interpret the images.

It is more than important to me that my pictures touch the viewer - after all, every picture is a small part of me that I share with the outside world.

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